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Besides the fruit of the tree, even the tender leaves, flowers are consumed as food.
Though many would like to stick to its use in curries, sambars, kormas, and dals, it is a surprise vegetable, which also makes tasty cutlets, etc. Besides the fruit of the tree, even the tender leaves, flowers are consumed as food.

Tender drumstick leaves, finely chopped, make an excellent garnish for any veggies, dals, sambars, salads, etc. One can use the same in place of or with coriander, as these leaves have high medicinal value. If the pulp has to be scraped out after cooking the sticks, then keep the pieces as long as 4-5 inches long. Also do not scrape the skin before boiling. This will help to hold and scrape them easier and with lesser mess. For drumstick sambar, follow recipe for traditional sambar, adding boiled drumstick fingers, along with onions in the oil, while stirfrying.

Scraped drumstick pulp can be made into drumstick bhurtha, more or less like the baingan bhurtha after the pulp has been got. It is a wonderfully unusual and tasty dish. I will not repeat it in the list, as the recipe is identical to that of baingan bhurtha.

Drumstick dal, is also a very tasty version of the traditional 'toordal'. Add some of the pulp to the boiled dal, and hand beat it along with the dal before seasoning. This will give an unusual, novel flavour to this dal. In another variation, you may add pieces of boiled drumstick including the water in which it was boiled, to the traditional toor dal while it is simmering. The pieces are delightful to chew on with the dal & rice.


Drumstick curry with onions
Drumstick leaf korma
Drumstick with rice and coconut Drumstick flower chutney
Drumsticks cutlets Drumstick Thoran
Drumsticks in Red Gravy Thoran
Drumstick sabzi with gramflour Drumstick Sambar
Drumstick-Aloo sabzi  



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