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Medicinal Use

The drumstick is valued mainly for its tender pods, which are relished as vegetable but all its parts - bark, root, fruit, flowers, leaves, seeds and even gum - are of medicinal value.

arrow They are used in the treatment of ascites, rheumatism and venomous bites as antiseptic and as cardiac and circulatory stimulants.
arrow Fresh root of the young tree (as also the root bark) is used as rubefacient and vesicant. Internally, it is a stimulant, diuretic and antilithic. Externally, it is applied as a plaster or poultice to inflammatory swellings.
arrow The root, in prescribed doses, is given in intermittent fevers, paralytic affections, epilepsy and hysteria and externally in palsy, chronic rheumatism, enlargement of spleen, dyspepsia and also in bites by rabid animals.
arrow A compound spirit made of the roots and orange peel with a little bruised nutmeg is useful in fainting fits, giddiness, nervous debility, spasmodic affections of the bowels, hysteria and flatulence.
arrow A decoction or infusion of the root with the addition of bruised mustard seeds is used in ascites caused by diseases of the liver and spleen.
arrow This decoction or infusion is also useful as a gargle in soreness of mouth and throat, and pain in the gums due to dental caries.
arrow Freshly extracted juice of the root bark is used to relieve otalgia by pouring it into the ears and also into the hollow of the tooth in cases of dental caries.
arrow Its seeds are acrid and stimulant. The oil of the seeds is applied in gout and rheumatism. The leaves are rich in vitamins A and C and are considered useful in catarrhal affections.
arrow The juice of the leaves is dropped into the eyes in fainting fits caused by nervous debility, spasmodic affections of the bowel, hysteria and flatulence
arrow The juice is mixed with honey and applied to the eyelids in cases of eye diseases.
arrow A paste of the leaves is used as an external application for wounds. Poultice of the leaves is useful in reducing glandular swellings.
arrow Its flowers are used as stimulant, tonic, diuretic and cholagogue. They are useful in increasing the flow of bile.
arrow Its gum, mixed with sesamum oil, is dropped into the ears in otalgia. The gum, rubbed with milk and made into a paste, can also be applied to the temples in headache.
arrow It is also applied to buboes and to painful bones in syphilis.
arrow The pods made into a soup are prescribed as a diet in sub-acute cases of enlarged liver and spleen, articular pains, tetanus, debility of nerves, paralysis, pustules, patches and leprosy.
arrow A curry made from the unripe pods acts as a preventive against intestinal worms.
arrow Drumsticks other miraculous quality-its ability to purify water-has been used by households for centuries. But it has only recently been tested commercially. Powdered Moringa seeds, when added to murky, bacteria-laden water, act as a coagulant, binding to the bacteria and silt and falling to the bottom of the vessel. The clean water can then be poured out.


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