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The climate conditions in Maharashtra are favourable for the growth of drumsticks. But for higher production and ample growth, humid climate and clear sunlight enhance the growth of the product. For higher yield of flowers on the plant 25 to 30 C. temperature is recommended. This further increases the growth of drumsticks. The rains after the plantations hamper and destroy the growth of plant.



Though we say drumsticks productions can be generated in land of low quality, but still we need to define the same. The land which has 10 to 15 cm soft mud and pebbles or hard land below, is said to be land of low quality. The land which has mud with layer 1 to 3 ft. and hard land below is medium quality land. The land with 6 to 7 ft. mud is high quality land. The land plantation of the drumsticks can be done in any type of land.






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