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Is rain water sufficient for the production of Drumsticks ?
What type of land is required for the same ?

If the production of the drumsticks has to be done on rainwater, the land has to be medium or high quality. Since drumsticks need ample water for atleast first year and medium as well as high quality land can retain water for longer time.
Coimbator-1 variety can give yield under such circumstances. The yield can be started during 12 to 13th month with production of 5 kg to 10 kg Drumsticks per plant. Hence yearly production of the same will be 15 to 30 quintal.

arrow Is it possible to have production of drumsticks on garden land ?
It is very well possible to have production of drumsticks on garden land with adequate water and appropriate fertilizers as well as pesticides and insecticides. After one year, each plant yields around 200 to 400 drumsticks in each season.
arrow Where is the market for drumsticks in India ?
There is ample market for drumsticks in metro cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Surat and others. Drumsticks has demand in Rajasthan also.
arrow Is export market available for drumsticks ?
Drumsticks has highest demand in Singapore. Since the Drumsticks has antibiotic such as Penicillin it has much more demand in countries like England, Japan, Canada, Bangkok, Doha, Dubai, Baharen, Muskat, Daman etc.
arrow Can the drumsticks be processed ?
The seeds from drumsticks are dried and then the oil is extracted from them. It is named as Ben Oil. It can be used as lubricant in Electronic devices. Thus it has demand all over world.



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